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An Actual Pirate Model Ships Enthusiast
Friday, 13 May 2011
The Most Important Pirate Model Ships Ever Made
A dark storm brews as the steely waves chop the surface of the ocean up. Because of the storm itself, the currents just below the sea’s surface are very brutal. The storm has whipped up in a matter of minutes, and can stop just as quickly. Countless ships have been lost to the sea’s fickle choices of storm timing. Despite the sea being empty, a single ship stands on the horizon and moves ever closer. The home port of this ship is far, but this boat tries to reach it more quickly by going through the storm. This ship is active on the water with little overseeing guidance like many other ships of the time require. A flag is not flown by this ship. The fear this ship spreads on the ocean is formidable. Fear drives many other ships to flee before this ship can even get close.

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Pirate model ships are unique in that they attract a great variety of people’s attention. Two types of people enjoy pirate model ships the most - children and historians. Pirate model ships are very intricate and detailed, and they catch the eye immediately. This model in particular is rather small when compared to other model ships. Their many details do not allow them to be too big in size. Pirate model ships are known for having many small parts on them. Netting, cannons, and even mast heads can be seen. Pirate ships of the old days often had the most up to date weaponry on board. This advanced, top of the line technology allowed them to take other ships hostage.

The tenacity of pirate ships was renowned in older times. This reputation came from the fact that many pirate ships stalked and damaged the ships they were following. Pirate ships won in their chases by being extremely dogged. Pirate ships could often outlast their opponents. The endurance of these ships are mirrored in the sturdy manner pirate model ships are made. The height of pirate model ships is very small in comparison to their width. Stability was a direct result of this design choice of the ship in real life. Oftentimes, old pirate model ships are crafted after schooners- very grand, three-masted sailboats. The schooner ship was very popular during the pirate’s first big boom on the open seas. Since schooners were a type of sailboat, the sails of these models will often be very proud and large.

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Both plastic and wood types of these models are popular. Wood models are popular with collectors and plastic is mostly bought by less serious collectors and younger enthusiasts. Wood models can be polished to increase their shine. To repaint a plastic model is a simple task. Because plastic pirate model ships are so resistant to staining and dropping, they are often bought as gifts for children. The intricate past of these models make them ideal gifts. Many people who like these models also enjoy history and the complicated past of these oft misunderstood model ships.

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Posted by richbrennan614 at 3:21 AM EDT

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