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Ocean Games As A Pursuit
Monday, 9 May 2011
Helpful Information For Ocean Games
The sun beats down on a lone cruise ship on the Atlantic Ocean. On the vast blue ocean, a long journey on a small ship can quickly become stale and old. Ships strive hard to include games and pastimes that will appeal strongly to a wide audience. Ships of older times tended to have less games and sports to offer to those who traveled on her. As such, two ways of keeping yourself busy on a boat came about - playing the ocean games provided for you, or making up some of your own. Ocean games became a perfected sport or an otherwise brand new one depending on the game itself.

The deck of a ship was a unique place in that it, in older times, allowed both men and women to come together and play games that would otherwise be separated by gender. Etiquette was still strictly maintained, however. Decks were separated by class, and lower classes were more lax and prone to mingle gender on their own whilst playing ocean games. A great range of movement games could be found - there were the high exertion games like hopscotch, shuttlecock, and deck cricket, but one could also sit and indulge in exhilarating games of gin rummy. A deck of cards was a crewman and a passenger’s best friend, as they were both portable and had many different games that could be played out of them. Games like gin rummy are thought to be ocean games that originated on long voyages. The age group that tended to enjoy the cards the most was that of the older adults. Hopscotch delighted many children, and hide and seek was also a favorite aboard a ship. Men and women of marrying age played shuttlecock or cricket with the dual effect of flirting with one another in subtle ways. Those ocean games that required a good seat appealed to the elderly crowd of passengers.

These same genres exist today, though the amount of diversions on a ship has greatly increased over the years. Because of the grand variety of ocean games available now, such as the pool or a rousing game of limbo, passengers are rarely ever in want of entertainment. Ships that have many games on them are a great way for people to try out something they never have before. Because of the varying origins of many passengers, friendships may be forged over an ocean game with great ease. These games may also be a great bonding opportunity for families.

One of the most iconic games is that of shuttlecock. Badminton is also a highly delightful ocean game that can be played with minimal equipment for maximum fun. Passengers of today find card games just as engaging as they were many years ago. There is nothing quite like playing classic ocean games while surrounded by the majesty that is blue water and sky.

Posted by richbrennan614 at 6:59 PM EDT
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